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Terry Cloth Slip-On Pancho Bucket Seat Cover (Pair-2 covers) - Dark Gray

In stock

  Slip on Seat Cover
Water Repellent and Non-slip Lining

Our design provides a Water Repellent and Non-Slip Lining stops the cover from sliding on your seat. Slip On Bucket Seat Covers is the solution for every owner of a Car, Truck, and SUV. Not interested in a seat cover installed all the time but would love the convenience of an easy on/off seat cover to protect your seats when needed , then Slip On Bucket Seat Covers is the answer. No more towels needed forquick protection. Slip On Bucket Seat Covers protects from your every day dirt and grime, in addition to the trip to the beach, gym or any day where you feel you need quick protection from the outdoor elements. Your cover slips on over your headrest and secures with a Velcro strap in a matter of seconds. Our covers is a beautiful and comfortable fleece fabric that looks and feels so good you might not want to take it off.

These covers are machine washable and are made right here in the U.S.A. and sewn by our local seamstresses.